Thursday, June 8, 2017

Why Being So Honest? Because I Don't See Why Not

One night, Adit asked me a question, "Are you comfortable by being that honest on your blog?" to which I asked him to elaborate the question. He, then, added, "Well, you write experience-based stories, right? So people must be knowing about our life, are you comfortable with it?"

I took a minute to think about it. For me, the question is not whether I'm comfortable or not, but whether I'm okay if people know. And the answer is yes, it is okay for me. Adit wasn't the first one who asked question like this. Some people have asked the same thing, and you're probably one of them. Or maybe you're just wondering without daring to spit the question to my face. 

The first thing I said to Adit that night was, "Do you mind?"

And he said, "No! I don't mind at all. It's just a random question, nothing more."

How would you define being honest anyway? Is it the same as telling people all things without considerations about you including your secrets that you should cover?

For me, they're totally different. 

There are things which are best to keep privately. There are things which are okay to share publicly. There are things which are fine to share only with your closest friends.

I tell experience-based stories, only if Adit says go ahead. Adit knows what I'm about to publish because he read them first. 

I write my experience only for those that I think not classified as family secrets.

I KNOW the boundaries.

Why people ask me if I'm okay with being so honest is I guess just a matter of personal decision about what should be secret and what's considered shameful. 

💁 Me and Adit arguing so many times during this marriage? 

🙆 We don't think we should be ashamed about arguing because it's what really happens in most marriages.

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💁 The cause of me and Adit having a fight?

🙅 That's what I think as something to consider before writing it down, depending on what's the cause.

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💁 I had the experience of not-considered-good adolescence? 

🙆 I don't think that's a secret. It's a phase of my life that has given me so many lessons and I think parents need to know a once-rebel-girl's perspective because someday we all are gonna raise a teenager.

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💁 Things that I did when I was once a rebel?

🙅 That's what I want to keep only to myself and my closest friends. That's something that people don't need to know in details.

💁 The reason I got married? 

🙆 I've never covered it either. I just didn't write it explicitly. In this point I let people draw a conclusion eventually. 

Long before I re-started to blog, I also never created such a dreamy story that I got married because I fell in love with a man named Adit. Never. So, if I told the truth about it since back then, why should I not tell the truth now?

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My dad once told me that what I had (getting married because of, well you know) is, undeniably, not right considered to religious and moral value. There's no justification on that matter. However, my dad also told me that ... having that experience SHOULD NOT make me feel burdened for the rest of my life. I have to embrace that truth and move on. I just have to.

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Further, my dad told me that it's okay to make mistakes but I had to be brave enough to face the risks and challenges that followed. There must be judgments on that matter, yes. But I was told to ignore all what people might say about me as long as I, then, did the right thing to be good again.

Keeping my daughter was something that I've been proud of. I could just go the easier way so that I could pursue my career and chase my dreams. Because you know, getting married with someone you never dated before is not easy, especially when you two didn't really believe the idea of marriage.

Why am I being honest, then?

Because I don't think that what I've written is something that I and Adit need to hide. It's actually as simple as that. 

Why do I want to be honest?

Because I can't live hearing all those voices in my head alone. I'm a thinker. I have so many thoughts, opinions, perspectives, feelings, and what-not inside me. Writing them down is a way to relieve myself. 

By writing them down on this blog, I can feel, "Okay, that's enough. That's what I wanna say" and then move on to other chores, works, or duties without having the urge to keep thinking about those things.

I feel that writing my thoughts, feelings, and opinions is my chatarsis. Release from endless duties of being a mom of two, who's one of them is having her special needs.

From what happened in my past, I suffered enough from guilt, rage, and regret. Now, by facing them and telling the truth, I've been able to set myself free.

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Sometimes I wonder about if Ubii and Aiden grow up someday and they begin to ask questions. There's nothing I and Adit want to hide from them. They deserve to know the truth. From me. Not from other people or words in the street. So this is how I train myself to be honest to my kids someday. 

And this is how I'm gonna teach my kids that truth indeed feels bitter sometimes. But by facing it, we'll live more freely.

What readers might say about me?

Well, that's your call, really. I don't intend to make you adore me and look up to me. You probably are judging but that's something I've anticipated. I mean, our society does judge that kind of woman who gets married because of you know.. right?

It's okay to judge. But, thank you, if you still want to stick with me and my blog. 

Here, on my blog, you won't find a mom who's doing every single thing based on what parenting theories decide you should do or a mom with such a good reputation people call by 'good example.'

Here, you'll find stories of an ordinary mom. A mom who has made many mistakes and who thinks that making mistakes is okay, as long as you've learned from them. A mom who wants to make the most of her days by living her life happily.

I don't preach, I've only been sharing my experience. And I'll let you conclude. If there's something good you can take, then yeay. If there isn't, then it's okay. Let's just say that we agree to disagree.

I would still and always blog about my kids and little family because I simply effing love them. It came to me as a nice surprise that after being a mom, I started to understand and see many things that I never imagined before or I didn't know existed. 

If I haven't written any blogposts about kids recently, it's only because what's been occupying my mind these days is about marriage, life, and personal goal. Or because I've written about my kids on Instagram. Or maybe both.

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If there are things I hope can give you some insights, then they would be:

For girls, marriage is not as a piece of cake as you might think. Bumping into marriage the way I did is not easy. So take care of yourselves.

For young moms who bump into marriage with the same reason I had, you can do it! Stop feeling burdened. Use your time to learn how to take care of a baby and a husband.

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For parents whose daughter is just like me, I know it's hard to accept. It might be even harder to forgive. But your daughter needs you way more then she ever did. She needs her parents to say, "It's okay. Let's figure it out" and to encourage her to make the right decision. 

All in all, why am I being so honest? 

I'm actually just like everyone. We all have good and not so good experience. That being said, the difference lies only in maybe most people don't want to talk about it while I do.

It's a matter of personal decision. 

Talking about it is okay when you know the consequences and are ready to face the judgments.

If you think that telling the truth can put yourselves in shame or disgrace, and you're simply unable to live with that, then don't.

Not talking about the truth doesn't necessarily mean that you're not honest, or even fake. No! You don't need to feel that way. 

Not talking about it merely means that you feel it's best to keep it by yourself and it's ok. 

As for today and the next next days ahead, I just want to be a grateful and kind person who's not afraid to dream, to fail, and to get back up again, to myself, my kids, and hopefully everyone. I want to forgive myself.

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Oh! And one more thing. It also struck me hard that marriage is not as shitty as I thought before. Yes, it is tough and challenging. Yes, it needs two to tango. But, I don't know how to say it, it's — life-changing? The feeling when you have a fight but then you make up and you get to know each other more, piece by piece — it's indescribable, in a good way.

I realized that when I had this conversation with my friend, let's just call her M.

M: From all of my married friends, it seems that you're the only one who's happy

G: Really? Why?

M: I asked some of my friends including you this question, "Are you happy after getting married?" And they all needed some time just to answer that. You directly said yes you're happy. Then, do you remember I asked you, "If  you could turn back time and change things, would you still choose to live with Adit?" You said yes, right? Many of my friends said they don't know. So I assume you've found happiness in your marriage.

Well I guess, I have. 

And I hope you do too.

Anyway, I'm pushing myself to start writing in English again occasionally. I spent hours just to finish this post and this is not even good. It's like I forget all the vocabularies. Hahaha. But, I'm glad I can finish one post full in English! Yeay!

Love it!
She is a beautiful piece of broken pottery, put back together by her own hands. And a critical world judges her crack while missing the beauty of how she made herself whole again — J. M. Storm
Love you!


  1. Saya suka baca blog mom Grace. gaya bahasa-nya ringan, sederhana, apa adanya. Love it.
    Jujur sih, saya lebih suka kalo bahasa Indonesia, kesannya lebih santai. hehehehe.

    1. Mungkin tema yang rada gimanaaaaa gitu kaya gini, aku nulisnya in English aja. Hahaha.

    2. Iya aku jd gak ngertiiii banyakkk ngett ngettt..pdhl dikamusin gak kekamusannn gesss...

  2. i love the fact that youre being honest writing everything in your blog
    cause thats makes your blog looks sincere

  3. Baca blog mbak gessi berasa ikut alurnya. Kalaau cerita ttg kebahagian atau kondisi tertentu, sepeerti membaca diri jg.
    Tapi kalau pakai bahasa Inggris gini berasa lola. :))

  4. Terlepas dari banyak orang bilang bahwa dapur rumah tangga jangan diumbar-umbar , aku menikmati banget baca tulisan Gesi. Dan aku yakin, semua yang ditulis dan dipublish pasti sudah persetujuan Adit. Lagian selama ini khan yg diceritain bagus2 dan umum kok. Bukan aib pasangan dan sejenisnya

    Jujur, itu modal utama kita khan

    1. Iya, Adit pasti sudah acc kalau tema yang aku tulis ada yang tentang dia atau tentang kami berdua. Aku tetap istri sholeha bahahahahahaha *nunggu transferan THR Adit*

  5. sejujurnya mami ubi, aq suka baca postingannya karena ceritanya nyata dari keseharian mami ubi dan keluarga, dan aq melihatnya beberapa cerita yang bersifat pribadi di share karena ada tujuan yang baik untuk orang lain, entah itu mengingatkan atau memberitahu seperti masalah mbak gesi dengan suami yang minggu ini di sharing.

  6. menulis hal pribadi memang tergantung masing2 orang
    tergantung karakter masing2 kan ya, yang pasti kurasa tak semua juga dibuka untuk umum
    yg penting kalian berdua sepakat apa yg mau diceritakan

    1. Iya, pasti udah sepakat dulu. Dan, iya, yang kuceritakan ini tetap nggak semua yang bener-bener semuanya. Hehehe.

  7. Mami Ubii, lanjutkaaaan!

    Kamu tuh bilingual banget deh. curcolan macam gini enaaaak banget dibacanya aselik.
    Saran aja, dari pembaca setiamu *halah* kalo mau curcol yang rada pegimane gitu, dibikin in English aja. Feel-nya berasa banget.

    Aku naruh link hidup salah satu blogger kaporitku, yg kalo curcol pake bahasa Inggris mantab jiwa! -->

    Kindly visit my blog: bukanbocahbiasa(dot)com yashhhh :)

    1. Wah thank you! Aku langsung buka blog Leija. Love what she wrote. Makasi udah kasih tahu yaa.

  8. Pertama kali tau kisah Ubii pas nonton Kick Andy. Waktu itu sudah wondering, wah, hebat ya maminya masih muda tapi sudah kepikiran mengedukasi tentang rubella. Saya notice banget dan memutuskan melakukan tes TORCH dengan bela-belain menyebrang pulau sebelum pernikahan saya di tahun itu juga.

    Saya yakin, banyak yang juga terinspirasi oleh kisah Gesi sekeluarga. Apalagi sejak ada diari papi Adit. Keren banget, saya sering kirim linknya ke suami. Hihihii. Keep inspiring yaaa

    1. Wah, seneng banget baca ini. Seneng banget tahu ada yang beneran tergugah untuk tes TORCH, bahkan dibelain nyebrang pulau. WOW!! Thank you for letting me know! :*

  9. oh yeah.. you are english are pretty cool, Gesi.

    So, the point is you are happy with your own marriage. Fullfil love with your amazing life, husband and children.

    love it.

    1. Actually my point is more to I'm being honest because I want to talk about it and it's ok for me if I talk about it :)

  10. Waiting for ur next english post 😊

  11. Kalau aku memang gak suka cerita secara jelas ttg keluargaku di blog. Gak nyaman aja. Tp kan org beda2 ya prinsipnya jadi oke2 aja. Toh aku jg suka baca curhatannya mak Gesi, hihi

  12. Mamiiii... Kamu keren banget ini aku kek lagi dengerin temen curhat terus ngambil hikmah bla bla bla... Dan iya banget, Si Papa bener banget. "it's okay to make mistakes but I had to be brave enough to face the risks and challenges that followed." Definitely true! Laaafffffff banget sama blogpost ini.

  13. Inspiring, mbak. Making mistake is a learning process.

  14. Tulisan mami ubii selalu membuat saya merenung dan yeaaay...ini lho...membuat tulisan yang jujur membuat pembaca lebih kenal dengan mami ubii

  15. What a lovely father..Papanya keren :)

    Kadang orang jujur malah dibully..iks..sedih

  16. Dan aku bacanya terhuraaaa eh terharu loh...#akureceh#nangisan

  17. Justru yg isinya based on experience dari hidupnya sehari2, bikin aku lbh suka bacanya ges :). Real, ga dibuat2, apa adanya.. :)

  18. Well,setelah membaca postingan ini, menurut aku sebenernya you are not too or so honest, kok Ges. Hanya saja batasan privasimu lebih longgar dibanding orang lain. Salah? Enggak, lah. Khan udah tau juga konsekuensinya apa keuntungannya apa. Dan keberanianmu mengungkap hal-hal tabu dan mengupasnya setajam zileth di blog sungguh patut diapresiasi. *mlerok ala-ala Feni Rose.

  19. I adore you Mommy Ubii and Aiden, as always. :*

  20. meskipun bacanya sambil tertatih-tatih.....hahahahaha
    tapi saya bisa mengikuti sambil nyruput es nggak ding, bukain kamus wkwkwkwk

    tulisan mama ubi selalu renyaaaahhhh.... dan natural banget
    semoga tetep semangat ya dalam berbagi

  21. Ngerti isi tulisannya tapi bingung mau bales pakek english karena takut grammarnya salah hhah. Setuju mba, menulis pengalaman pribadi bukan artinya kita blak blakan curhat tanpa filter kan? apalagi untuk sebuah postingan biasanya kita juga memilih padanan kata yang pas agar enak dibaca orang. Saya juga gitu, kalau mau share tentang keluarga biasanya tanya suami, boleh atau nggak sekalian saya bilang tujuannya supaya dia tahu saya nggak asal curhat di blog, hih. Keep writing mba, salam kenal dari Enny di Jambi.

  22. Aku suka baca blognya Mami karena bahasanya tuh santai, enggak menggurui, kayak baca cerita... bahkan Mami tuh jujur banget, hal-hal yang kurang baik atau enggak happy pun diceritain tapi hebatnya itu alurnya berakhr dengan happy dan baik :)

  23. Baru kali ini baca blog mami ubii sambil mikir keras.. But i like it because i must learn english more .. Be honest not easy.. I try and try to be honest because i hate a lie.. Because a lie can make someone (everyone) hurt..
    Start from last year i try to be honest about my husband.. Saying about the turth make me relieved.. Before it i always hide him.. He left us when my son was 6months old.. Read your story i feel that i am not alone.. I feel u hugs me from the far far away.. Love u mamiiiiii

  24. Good job mami ubii..It surely needs a lot of courage to do what you do..To be honest and blatantly tell us the truth about ur life..I guess the most terrified thing is people gonna judge u,even when they don't know u personally..But you choose that path anyway,to make peace with ur past..To remind us,your reader..That life can be as shitty as hell,but we can and we have the opportunity to make it better..Hugs..:D

  25. Stunning grammar!!!

    Tulisanmu masih kerasa Gesi-nya, tapi emang Inggris tuh nggak bisa dibawa becanda seperti bahasa Indonesia sih ya. AKu merasa gitu sih. Kalo nulis Inggris berasa lebih serius!

    Being honest is you. Terus berkarya, Gesi...


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