Thursday, August 30, 2012

Principesa Aubrey

That day we, I and my husband, took some shots of our lovely daughter. Normally, I shoot some poses by using Blackberry and Ubii shows no smile or move. But that day, by using a camera, she smiled and moved a lot. Hmm. Weird. Guess she knows that we expected some cute poses. Here they are :)


Tatap mata sayaahh!

My jewel

Say cheese Ubii! Say cheese!

Ngowoh, as always

My fave!

Whitey Ubii


:) :) :)

Mr. Tiger don't eat me :"((

Aubrey Naiym Kayacinta

So here she goes, my beloved baby girl, Ubii.

Ubii ngulet-ngulet 

Her looking at me :")


Born on Mey 19, my one and only, Aubrey.

Ubii and Mommy

In the hospital