Saturday, January 26, 2013

What Marriage Means to Me So Far

On a one night the other day, I was thinking about what #marriage means or is about for me. So, yeah, as usual, I wanted to write those ideas down, or that night, tweeted them. It's compiled from my tweets the other day. Here they are:

  1. #marriage is having a partner to discuss your finance w/out feeling belittled & get stressful/satisfied together afterwards.
  2. #marriage is a freedom to fart & burp as loud as you can and then be disgusted together afterwards.
  3. #marriage is eating pete together, having a yucky & smelly good-n8 kiss, & wanting to puke in the morning because your bathroom smells awful.
  4. #marriage is trying to look happy & cheerful when welcoming your spouse from his/her work although you're exhausted as hell.
  5. #marriage is cursing each other when you 2 are mad w/out being afraid that he/she'll leave you cause you 2 know it's the devil who cursed.
  6. #marriage is hugging your spouse from the back & saying sorry when you finally realize that you're the one making the situation worse.
  7. #marriage is when you try your best to make up before going to bed because you two believe that you shouldn't sleep being grumpy & upset.
  8. #marriage is when you clean the house & wash the dishes & clothes while your spouse's feeding & lullabying your baby.
  9. #marriage is having a chit-chat for at least 15min at n8 before bed time although you're totally worn out by the work and stuff that day.
  10. #marriage is having someone to be your eternal partner to do stupid things forever, for the rest of your life.
  11. #marriage is giving your lover advices & criticisms about the smallest detail of his/her lack because it's only you who see it everyday.
  12. #marriage is having nicknames for each other, moves, songs, & codes that only both of you know.
  13. #marriage is a freedom to request any kinds of sex style w/out being afraid of being judged as kinky, weird, conservative, lame, or boring.
  14. #marriage is when your spouse can always turn you on even when you feel tired & don't feel like wanting any intercourse that time.
  15. #marriage is together raising your kid, discussing what's best, & not blaming each other of any flaws/mistakes/uniqueness your kid has.
  16. #marriage is being on your spouse's back when everyone blames or judges him/her because of what he/she was/said/looked/behaved.
  17. #marriage is doing any crimes together when both of you are tired of the routines, work, and stuff and keeping it as a secret from the other
  18. #marriage is being a fashion-police together when you two are in crowd & you're free to use any dictions to describe others' looks.
  19. #marriage is when a snack & DVD time feels so luxurious after getting the chores finished.
  20. #marriage is doing something you don't really like although reluctantly 'cause you know it can entertain your spouse.
  21. #marriage is having a conversation & jokes & scrubbing each other's back when you two are taking a bath together.
  22. #marriage is giving kisses when you leave the house, go home, go to bed, & wake up & you feel sth's missing when you forget that.
  23. #marriage is being fatter together. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu!!!
  24. #marriage is taking notes of the money you spent for that day at night before you two go to bed.
  25. #marriage is supporting your spouse & making him/her assured that he/she can be a much greater & better person.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hidup Belakangan Ini

Sekarang hidup hanya seputar bangun pagi untuk membuat MPASI, membangunkan suami untuk bersih-bersih (biasanya dia baru beneran bangun 15 menit kemudian dan itu sudah buang-buang waktu namanya), menyuapi Ubii, menjemur Ubii, memandikan Ubii, memiumkan obat ke Ubii, menyuapi Ubii buah, menidurkan Ubii sambil nenen, dan bersih-bersih rumah selagi Ubii tidur. Setelah itu, istirahat sebentar rebah-rebahan. Syukur-syukur kalau Ubii belum bangun, saya jadi bisa ikutan tidur.

Sore-sorean, menyuapi Ubii buah dan nasi tim lagi. Mandi. Kerja jam 5 sampai 9. Selesai. Beli makan malam buat diri sendiri dan suami. Pulang. Makan malam. Bincang-bincang sebentar. Beres-beres yang belum beres. 

Kira-kira seminggu terakhir ini, lalu saya bertanya dalam hati, "Kapan aku bisa menyenangkan dan memanjakan diri sendiri?"


Pertanyaan itu belum terjawab...