Sunday, June 5, 2011

Someone that I Call My Home

A man that I call home, is
Someone who still says that I'm pretty even when I don't put any make-up on my face.
Someone who knows me better than anyone else does.
Someone who always makes me feel the crush even though we've been together for years.
Someone who does not try to be somebody else when he's with me.
Someone who (sometimes) offers me a cup of coffee instead of asking me to make cups of coffee for him everyday.
Someone who believes that love is proven instead of being said.
Someone who does not mind any gender-fucking-role stuff.
Someone who knows the perfect time for both passionate kisses and affectionate kisses.
Someone who makes me encouraged to be much better every single day.
Someone who never minds about how bad I was in my past, because the one that matters for him is the present-and-future me.
Someone who manages himself to put up with me in the ups-and-downs.
Someone who admits his imperfection without any excuses.

Too much to ask???

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pics part II.

Suka banget sama wallpaper-wallpaper ini :)))

Lollipop-like Life

colorful Vs. black&white

anorexia? DUMB!