Thursday, February 12, 2015

When Life Couldn't Get More Challenging

People say that God is the master planner of our lives. What do you think? People say that we can only do the best, but God does the rest. What do you say?

Here's what I think.

Starting from I-don't-remember-when-excatly, I and my hubby have been thinking and considering about cochlear implants for Ubii. You might want to read Ujian Bernama Implan Koklea for the complete story. Long story short, we finally went to Jakarta to do the checking whether or not Ubii can be the candidate for cochlear implants. We did the MRI, CT Scan, ASSR, BERA, Timpanometri, aided FFT, and unaided FFT. Wow, I guess they will deserve a separate blogpost! The process was exhausting, I can assure you that. In one day we had to go to some places for doing some agendas. Like when we had to do the MRI and CT Scan. It was done in the same day. We went to PGI Cikini at first to do the MRI. After it's done, we wanted to do the CT Scan. Too bad, their CT Scan was having some problems. Errrrrr. Because Ubii was still asleep (because of the sedative given to her), we thought about having the CT Scan done in other hospital. Finally, off we went to RSCM. The crowd, the tension, the pressure.... someone please shoot me in the head.

Long story short, Ubii CAN be the candidate for cochlear implant. Yeay! I really thank God that the results of her tests are positive. So we began to think about when we should sell our car. Whom to go to lend some cash, because the car wouldn't be enough to pay for the implants. And many more thoughts. At that time, we thought, "God, thanks for giving us this chance. Thanks for giving a good result so that Ubii can be the candidate."

Just before we really sell our car. We haven't even decided the price yet. We found out that...

I was pregnant. P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T. Like a cat.

I was like, "Hell, God, seriously??? You give me another baby on the way now? NOW???"


So, yeah, God is such a real master planner. Like what I've always thought, He really does have a fantastic sense of humour. Mothering Ubii with her GDD (global developmental delay) and profound hearing loss plus endless sessions of therapies, and not to mention I don't have a maid... He believes that I can still kick some ass with another baby on the way. How funny is it? Well, elusively funny, of course.

So here I am, still juggling with all the routines, Ubii's health plans, my own expectation for Ubii and so on and so forth, and... expecting a baby. If God grants me this, well, how difficult might that be? Do I have a better option other than rocking on the show?

So, life a.k.a baby, let's bring it on! And, God, once again, what a sense of humour! :'))))

Still trying to grasp everything,


  1. Saya juga gak tau harus berkomentar apa Mbak Gesi.. Yang saya tahu dari "Tuhan Maha Bercanda", Tuhan adalah prasangka dari hamba-Nya.
    Tetap berprasangka baik ya Mami Ubii :))

  2. Keliatahannya selalu datang sesuatu di saat yang nggak tepat ya mbak? Tapi yakin pasti kuat dan ngga-tahu-gimana-caranya harus tetap dianggap baik. \;"D/

  3. Selalu semangat ya mami ubi, kakak iparku anak keduanya alhamdulillah sehat, cerdas sekali malahan


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