Saturday, December 19, 2020

#MainSamaAiden: Free Printable Natal

Christmas is coming, although this year it feels different. Well, almost this whole year feels different sih ya actually hahaha. Libur Natal dan Tahun Baru punya agenda apa nih? Baru banget kemarin baca berita per 18 Desember kalau mau masuk-keluar kota perlu tunjukin surat rapid ya, cmiiw.

Barangkali mau di rumah aja dan butuh bahan kegiatan main bareng anak, here's Christmas free printable.

Seperti biasa, silakan didownload dan dipakai jika dirasa butuh.


Semoga bermanfaat yaaa.



  1. Halo. Salam kenal kak Grace. Aku izin download printablesnya ya. Really useful for the kids at home. Thank youuuu. God bless

  2. In a year that has been anything but average, embrace the holiday spirit. As we negotiate the twists and turns of 2023, discover the beauty of Christmas. Join us in enjoying the season of joy, because there's always place for festive cheer even when things go wrong. Unwrap the moments that made this Christmas one-of-a-kind.Your ideas, which I believe are quite perceptive, resonate with me. You described the subject so clearly and thoroughly. I'm very grateful you shared this wonderful essay with us. I'm sure many readers will find it highly beneficial.

  3. It might refer to printable templates or resources related to natal charts, which are astrological charts based on the exact time, date, and location of a person's birth. basketball stars unblocked

  4. Natal means Christmas in some languages, so it could refer to free printable resources for Christmas decorations or activities.


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