Monday, November 26, 2012

Ubii's Second Physiotherapy

Kamis minggu lalu, Ubii menjalani FT keduanya. In this session, she seemed more comfortable when her feet got massaged. Di FT pertama, Ubii menangis saat kakinya dipijat. Kali ini dia menikmati.. dan malah plengah-plengeh. It was good to see :)

"Duuh maakk enaknyaaa kalo kaki dipijiit"

Then, the therapist moved to her hands, back, and face. She cried the whole time. Hahaha LOL. Gak tega juga sebenernya liat dia nangis entah kesakitan entah gak nyaman. But, I have to! Demi Ubii *nangis bombay*

We were glad that day because Mbak Nia said that Ubii's progress was quite good. Baru 2x dateng, kemajuannya udah keliatan. I guess it's a real signal to keep in faith then ;)

Here are some pictures that I took during the session:

Si muka gepeng


Lift your head up, young lady!

Cmmon lift it up!

"Aduh sakiiitttttt!"

It's now done! Hurray!
Bahasanya campur aduk banget yak di post yang ini. Hmmm, sorry x)

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