Sunday, September 19, 2010


this is d first time im on any situation like this. do u know how it feels?? it feels like a big mistake. HUGE. tryin to pretend that nothin happened. tryin to hide any kinds of feelin that shows up. even tryin to figure out what kind of feelin exactly it is. trust me it doesnt feel good. it is not bout regrettin what i did. it isnt bout regrettin what happened. its just weird. i just havent been able to put up wif this weird thing. but at least i've got a leasson for it. lust is foolish, especially lust for d wrong person. hahaha. xoxo. well now ure here. i feel like its gettin weirder n i've been more idiotic. but its just too late to stop that feelin, isnt it?? so no choices left. im gonna deal wif it n  me im gonna handle it. just gimme some time. but afterall, I'VE TASTED YOUU, buddy !!!! hahahaha

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