Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heavenly in Need of Heaven

read me
read me
read my eyes
read my lips

hear me
hear me
hear my unspeakable voice
hear d sound of my feet

in silence
in silence
do it in silence!
need no sound
need no talking
need no whispering
just shut everything up,

in the darkness
in the darkness
do it in the darkness
coz in silence n darkness,
we'll find the ultimate greatness

fix me
fix me
delicately, gently, wholeheartedly

do me
do me
passionately, insanely, lustfully
do me at once
the first can be the last
so show me:
(& of course) conversation.

bring me heaven
I'll give you Eden in return
but if the gift is cell,
then I'll drag you to hell

dont mess up
dont fuck up
because tonight I wanna be really up

read me
hear me
feel me
fix me
do me
in silence,
in the darkness.

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