Sunday, September 12, 2010

for youu, a thousand times over

If there's sumone askin me what's or who's d love of my life rite now, I guess I can answer that question straight away in two or three secs.

D love of my life are them !!

The Kite Runner : Amir & Hassan, d central characters

Amir, d selfish, coward, less manly one.

Hassan, d brave, loyal, n honest one.

Baba, Amir's daddy, d one that underlines what masculinity for Afghans is

There r 2 quotes always stayin on my mind. D most fave ones. Here they are:

Amir as an adult & Sohrab 'd past claws its way out'

Hassan 'for you, a thousand times over....'

Friendship, father & son relationship, bravery, loyalty, past, self concept, & masculinity, they're completely perfectly packaged in The Kite Runner. How can any other movies b greater than this ? (*sounds hyperbolic? I DONT CARE)
No need to hesitate that they're just d most excellent movie ever! If it ain't, I wudn't make it as d subject 4 my thesis rite? =)

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